Friday, April 17, 2009


Topshop opening, SoHo.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Back!

So the delinquent blogger is back. I do apologize the M.I.A. status for the past few weeks; I've been pretty busy going around Manhattan and soaking in all I can from the city. As of right now, I am typing this lying on my bed, my own bed, back home. I am back in Manila! It is kind of bittersweet, I am back home but missing New York. Now is just about that time that I go back to work, I have been spending way too much and earning way too little (try nothin) the past few months and it's time I crash back to reality. Still trying to feel my way through this, but I definitely have not ruled out changing zip codes in the future.

So more of my Montreal friends came for a visit and we had a blast!

If the still-nippy weather has been no indication, my allergies have told me that Spring has indeed come.  Bring out the plaids, florals, and brights! My favorite kind of clash dressing is finally in season once again.

I've also been in a head band craze as of late.

There's a DIY one that was born out of pure obsession, coming up next.