Thursday, January 29, 2009

Story of My Life

Yesterday was such a fabulous day. It was a day when all my designer and fashion cravings were satisfied. I went back to the vintage shop and got my loot. In it were: A semi-oversized pale green leather clutch, a leopard print faux-fur bag, gold diamond-cutout earrings, a pair of gloves, a turquoise belt with silver braids and buckles, And.. wait for it.... a Gucci pantsuit. aaahh, so happy. ♥ 

Vintage shopping is basically like a treasure hunt. You are in search of those few key pieces that would fit right into your wardrobe and, more importantly, on you. When I was going through vintage shops in London, I got some cool belts, a few accessories.. But mostly the designer items were super expensive and just okay. Vintage shopping in Montréal was also fun but I had yet to find my star pieces. Here in NYC, I finally uncover gems after hours of scavenging. How lucky was I to stumble into this Gucci 2-piece set and find that it fits me perfectly? 

The jacket has this military (I  LOVE) feel to it with an epaulet and the four pockets. I love the lapel-less collar too. It's fabulous. The trousers are high-waisted and straight cut and fit me like it was made for me too. Happyyyy.. :)

The color is actually a very dark navy blue and black stripe, somewhat discernible is this (washed out) photo.

I also got myself a Stella McCartney for LeSportSac bag for my Georgie. In the website it says "camera bag," but its size and shape tell me "laptop bag." It's from the Spring collection and is quilted with stars and flowers and has some pretty awesome chain zippers. I'm crazy about it too. And there's that Nicole Miller dress that is LOVE. Yesiree, it was a sweet day for shopping.

Afterwards, I attended a talk by Ugly Betty's producers and stylists (Pat Field of SATC fame!!). That was very interesting and exciting!


Today I got some more great finds which I am very excited about. And now I am totally wiped out. No more shopping for me! Not for a few days at least. 

(Check out my friend's Pumas. I have a crush on the studs.) 

(I wore the belt I got from vintage.)

So yeah, I overspent and over-shopped but I am insanely happy. That's the story of my life. I really have to do something about it soon.
After a pretty chill conversation with roomie and a mac-and-cheese dinner in front of The City, I am ready to turn in. Tomorrow's a new day, and I can't wait. 

P.S. I love living in New York.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Girl Crushing

By my roommate's influence, I have started watching The City. It so totally rocks! (so much more than The Hills ever can. or will). And yes, my roomie is a boy, I guess even boys like the show. How can they not? The ladies are SO hot. They have this kind of edge to them, a high-fashion kind of appeal if you will. 

Olivia Palermo, I find extremely beautiful. The facial structure, the eyes, the hair... oh gosh, must I start gushing? I find her antagonism wickedly delicious. It reminds me of my number one girl and style crush, Queen B. 

Click here for an article that pits the two beautiful New Yorkers head on.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sewing Shower

Here goes the unveiling of our final projects in school. We were having so much fun ooh-ing and aah-ing over each others' works that our teachers pronounced that class a "sewing shower," in reference to a bridal shower where everyone oohs and aahs over gifts. Here we marveled over purely hand-sewn creations. My classmates' works were so nicely crafted, they made mine feel so simple. But I'm happy because it's something I can really use. And it's the first time I ever started and finished something I made from scratch! I did an apron meant as a styling kit/ belt bag. Good for holding clips, pins, scissors, tape, stain remover, and other styling essentials! I can't wait to use it for work :)


After class I spent hours in a vintage store my classmates introduced me to. Hours. 180 fabulous minutes in a warm, dusty, basement full of old charming treasures. ahhh, heaven. I found so many awesome things, but the best one is something I feel so giddily excited about. It's still there in the store, in a plastic bag with my name on it. It awaits my return as I wait for my debit card from home. Living (and shopping) in Manhattan is expensive!



I passed by a flea market just before they started packing up... which I would say is the best time to go because they give you great bargains. All this being around vintage really made my day! 

My Chinese New Year post to follow when I poach the pictures off from a friend's Facebook!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Warm and Wonderful

I had a very good day today. Mostly because the weather is beautiful today/ tonight. Just the perfect amount of chill and sunshine. +7 to me feels really warm right now and I'm really lovin it.

Today was: Rockefeller, Century 21 + Ground Zero + St. Paul's Church.
Met up with a friend at the last minute at Rockefeller Center. I finally hit Anthropologie and found the book I wanted to buy! woohoo. Oh and I finally got that 1L bottle of Sprite Zero I've been craving for.


Bow dress, H&M. White coat and Cardigan, Zara. Plaid tights, UO. Boots, Zara. Heart ring, Marc Jacobs.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy Bee

I've been having a pretty busy week so far. 
I'm back in Manhattan and alternating my days with staying in the apartment and going out and about the city.
Staying in mainly to keep myself from spending, and partly to do my project for school.
Going out doesn't really necessitate an explanation, does it?

- So last Monday I went around SoHo, Times Square, and a few other places. Pictures from which I'll post soon.

- Yesterday, I spent the day sewing and watching the Inaugural ceremony/ parade/ celebrations on TV. I am not American in any way, shape, or form but even I felt choked up because of the historical ramifications of the grand event. 

- I went to meet some friends today and went around the city again. It was a cold cold day with gusts of wind.. very frigid outside! My feet are tired and aching. Now I want those orgasmic foot massages my roommate told me about.. only he got them in China and that isn't exactly a subway ride away. Boo. Outfit pictures to follow.

Please excuse my delinquency from posting, I am soo exhausted and so cold, I just want to curl up in my comforter and veg out. and my TV is calling out to my inner tv series junkie... Show On Demand rocks. 

look who got her first pair of kicks (gym shoes don't count).