Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Girl Crushing

By my roommate's influence, I have started watching The City. It so totally rocks! (so much more than The Hills ever can. or will). And yes, my roomie is a boy, I guess even boys like the show. How can they not? The ladies are SO hot. They have this kind of edge to them, a high-fashion kind of appeal if you will. 

Olivia Palermo, I find extremely beautiful. The facial structure, the eyes, the hair... oh gosh, must I start gushing? I find her antagonism wickedly delicious. It reminds me of my number one girl and style crush, Queen B. 

Click here for an article that pits the two beautiful New Yorkers head on.


yiqin; said...

The hair!! THE HAIR! I will die to have hair like that!

DaisyChain said...

Ohh I think I have a girl crush now too!


Never watched an episode by it but i should as it sounds super fun. she is gorge!
muah x

La Couturier said...

girl crush alert!!! i love her!! that last photo... amazing!

La C.

Anonymous said...

Wow! She pulls everything off so effortlessly. I'm very jealous.

AJ said...

It's crazy but I watch the city because of her. Whit is just too boring sometimes, and in a way she reminds me of blair with that bitchy in-your-face attitude:)

Ooo, big props for your latest finds. That gucci...I envy :)