Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy Bee

I've been having a pretty busy week so far. 
I'm back in Manhattan and alternating my days with staying in the apartment and going out and about the city.
Staying in mainly to keep myself from spending, and partly to do my project for school.
Going out doesn't really necessitate an explanation, does it?

- So last Monday I went around SoHo, Times Square, and a few other places. Pictures from which I'll post soon.

- Yesterday, I spent the day sewing and watching the Inaugural ceremony/ parade/ celebrations on TV. I am not American in any way, shape, or form but even I felt choked up because of the historical ramifications of the grand event. 

- I went to meet some friends today and went around the city again. It was a cold cold day with gusts of wind.. very frigid outside! My feet are tired and aching. Now I want those orgasmic foot massages my roommate told me about.. only he got them in China and that isn't exactly a subway ride away. Boo. Outfit pictures to follow.

Please excuse my delinquency from posting, I am soo exhausted and so cold, I just want to curl up in my comforter and veg out. and my TV is calling out to my inner tv series junkie... Show On Demand rocks. 

look who got her first pair of kicks (gym shoes don't count).



yiqin; said...

I can't wait to see what you've come up wit! :D Did yknw polaroid is saved?!?! :D

Dane said...

Hehehe, I see you have discovered poladroid. Nice. Love love your kicks! I never would have thought, Rache!

Mai is my classmate, I usually sit next to her.. love her. Classes are super fun, Im sewing like a maniac, and my class is hilarious. When do you come back from NYC? Jeeex it looks super cold over there!

DaisyChain said...

I adore your kicks. I kinda want to steal them.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Oh you got the satc one??? yay, amazingness, no? =] get this one too, if you can, glad you liked the "peek" haha. Oh, I am forever finding new artists/songs for myself, I love to "collect" music off of itunes and in store- so I one day thought why not share them with my readers as well? so glad you like my song and taste in music, love! =]

Cute kicks, by the way, love them.


Song of Style said...

i heart the last picture!!!!
wow. the snow, the outfit, ur smile!! love it! haha
and i'm glad that we have smtg in common!!! =)