Thursday, January 29, 2009

Story of My Life

Yesterday was such a fabulous day. It was a day when all my designer and fashion cravings were satisfied. I went back to the vintage shop and got my loot. In it were: A semi-oversized pale green leather clutch, a leopard print faux-fur bag, gold diamond-cutout earrings, a pair of gloves, a turquoise belt with silver braids and buckles, And.. wait for it.... a Gucci pantsuit. aaahh, so happy. ♥ 

Vintage shopping is basically like a treasure hunt. You are in search of those few key pieces that would fit right into your wardrobe and, more importantly, on you. When I was going through vintage shops in London, I got some cool belts, a few accessories.. But mostly the designer items were super expensive and just okay. Vintage shopping in Montréal was also fun but I had yet to find my star pieces. Here in NYC, I finally uncover gems after hours of scavenging. How lucky was I to stumble into this Gucci 2-piece set and find that it fits me perfectly? 

The jacket has this military (I  LOVE) feel to it with an epaulet and the four pockets. I love the lapel-less collar too. It's fabulous. The trousers are high-waisted and straight cut and fit me like it was made for me too. Happyyyy.. :)

The color is actually a very dark navy blue and black stripe, somewhat discernible is this (washed out) photo.

I also got myself a Stella McCartney for LeSportSac bag for my Georgie. In the website it says "camera bag," but its size and shape tell me "laptop bag." It's from the Spring collection and is quilted with stars and flowers and has some pretty awesome chain zippers. I'm crazy about it too. And there's that Nicole Miller dress that is LOVE. Yesiree, it was a sweet day for shopping.

Afterwards, I attended a talk by Ugly Betty's producers and stylists (Pat Field of SATC fame!!). That was very interesting and exciting!


Today I got some more great finds which I am very excited about. And now I am totally wiped out. No more shopping for me! Not for a few days at least. 

(Check out my friend's Pumas. I have a crush on the studs.) 

(I wore the belt I got from vintage.)

So yeah, I overspent and over-shopped but I am insanely happy. That's the story of my life. I really have to do something about it soon.
After a pretty chill conversation with roomie and a mac-and-cheese dinner in front of The City, I am ready to turn in. Tomorrow's a new day, and I can't wait. 

P.S. I love living in New York.


DaisyChain said...

Wow, you got some amazing finds!
If you wanted a piece of two of jewellery, I'd be happy to send it in exhange for some candy or something like that, as I always crave stuff I can't get over here!

Have a great weekend x

Anonymous said...

Nicely done - a very impressive day! Love the blog - mind if I add it to my list?

♥ fashion chalet said...

Cute outfit. I love the blue hat. Your bags are such great finds as well, love.

And thanks for the darling comment, Rach! xx


Mustafa Şenalp said...

çok güzel site.:)

Irene said...

Wow, amazing finds! The leopard bag is one of the cutest bags I ever seen! Lovelyyy :-D

La Couturier said...

oh my gosh. you are so incredibly lucky!! :) the gucci pantsuit is amazing. as are the bags. :)

La C.

yiqin; said...

The leopard print bag is so awesome! Ah if it makes you feel good, you don't have to worry about the money ( not so much ) . ahaha

Bella said...

I'm so jealous... the clutch, the jacket, and leopard bag are fantastic!!!!

hanna said...

Omg, such great buys!! that Gucci jacket is such a fabulous find. :D