Saturday, February 7, 2009

I might've lost my mind somewhere between Park Avenue and Serendipity..

So I've been chilling the past week with family friends in Pennsylvania. I really love the tranquil atmosphere here and the time I have to myself. No outfit posts (save for the one from the day of my last post).

Turtleneck tunic and belt, Zara. Tights, Aldo. Thigh-high leg warmers, H&M. Coat, Topshop. Bag and boots, Zara.

I've mentioned being addicted to The City. One particular night, when I was in the forum with Pat Field and other Ugly Betty execs, inspiration hit me. I remember falling in lust with Whitney's knitted head band, and decided to cut up one of my hats to try and do a DIY knock-off. It has layered bows instead of the flower.. I'm very happy with the turnout. Some people even asked me where I got it, and that felt pretty cool.

(I used the top portion of the beanie to create the bigger bow.)

A sort of madness has been raging in my mind since I got here and it's been crazy fun indulging in it.

I finally got hit by boredom last Wednesday and decided to spend two glorious days in the city. I can't ever remember a time when I have felt so incredibly free and happy and content just being by myself. It was the most fabulous two days and I have no doubt that it will be imprinted in my heart's memory indefinitely.


i devour fashion said...

you're one talented and stylish lady, indeed!
as with my hair, it's still very straight and doesn't succumb to curling iron. Ugh!
p.s. thanks for that lovely comment! =)

Mode Junkie said...

it is kinda awesome and you deserve to feel cool. i am buying a beanie to destroy after i type this. hahaha.
miss you girl!

yiqin; said...

The hat looks so adorable on you :) I can't pull them off though

Kay said...

I love the headband! It looks really professional as well.

i devour fashion said...

hi! i'm back but this time i've got something for you. please do check it out from my blogsite, okey? merci! =)

ps. should i get a perm, too? LOL!

La Couturier said...

i absolutely love your diy project! it turned out so fabulous!

La C.

Couture Carrie said...

Great pics - love the bright accents in your outfit!


Anonymous said...

I love the headband! Definitely would not have thought it was diy.

DaisyChain said...

I ADORE the colours in your outfit.

Dane said...

Hey Rache.. I gave you an award on my blog. =)

Love the headband beanie DIY!