Sunday, February 8, 2009

Drama Queen(s)

Being in the frigid weather of New York while my roommate flies off to the sunny shores of LA (lucky butt) makes me wistful for the beach. So I'm finally getting around to posting my holiday pictures on the tropical island of Boracay. The boyfriend took me there for our 6th year anniversary and my birthday, two consecutive events following Christmas. We didn't actually leave until after my birthday, since I wanted to celebrate with friends and family.

**birthday night, before flying off to the beach
Dinner at Balducci, Wines and Cheeses at CAV, nightcap drinks at Embassy Cuisine

Wearing the dress I got as a gift from H&M (yey!), an Eric delos Santos lace bolero (received it with a dress in a special birthday package. love you sweetie!), Get Happy buttons-and-charms necklace, boyfriend's Kenneth Cole leather strap watch, Aldo ring, and Steve Madden platforms.

the next morning and the following days... **

Above: with my little Australian cutie. Below: cutie's Aussie Dad, boyfriend and friends waiting for our food

we were FAMISHED!!

the boys and the girls

on a cruise ship that circled the island and ended the trip with fireworks (not as exciting as you may think. I fell asleep.)

Happy to finally be able to wear the color-block swimsuit I purchased on my trip to Milan last year!

swimsuit: United Colors of Benetton

maillot: Lae

Best trip ever.

Isn't it funny how drama has this stubborn determination to follow you all over the globe? I've always tried to keep my distance from it and had, for most parts, remained blissfully unaffected. Now it pop its colorful head once again, amusing me to my bones!
And I'm getting them back to back too. Oh ladies girls.. ;)


Elizabeth Marie said...

Those are great pictures!! And your swimsuits...droool..loveloveloveit!


i devour fashion said...

i love it, Rach!!!! the brown piece is sooooo wicked!!! =)

Dane said...

I cant believe you were on some boat with fireworks or something and fell asleep.. but then again I didnt even know they did boat trips like that, how weird.. lol

Hope whatever drama you have going on is solved asap.. Ive been in the city a month and I already have some brewing without my knowledge. I forgot how much people gossip here! I could totally do without it. I gave you some award tag thingymajjig by the way. =)

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh wow, I love the pictures, your trip looks like it was one to remember indeed! Love all your outfits, as well! :)

And thanks so much for your lovely comment, it's always great to hear your thoughts! <3


Marian said...

darling gorgeous pics!you look amazing these all my dear.just try to ignore the drama my sweet pea.i hope it all gets better.
muah x

La Couturier said...

you look sooo gorgeous! =] i love all the outfits, particularly the first!

La C.

Anonymous said...

I ADORE your swimsuits!

Song of Style said...

i love the last swimsuit! i don't care if u got a funny tan line i want to be waering that at a beach right now! ah.. summer, where are u ?

ashley said...

it looks like an amazing holiday!
i love that brown swimsuit~ and the water looks so perfect~ and you sooo happy with your lovely man:)
great post doll,
oh and happy valentines day!

Tina said...

all your dresses are so pretty!