Monday, March 23, 2009


I never used to like Vanessa in Gossip Girl. I always thought she was boring and I didn't like how they paired her up with Nate! But all that changed when I saw Jessica Szohr and Ed Westwick shopping in Urban Outfitters. Now I adore her. She is just gorgeous and so sweet! I thought Ed Westwick looked better than Chuck with his disheveled hair and oh-i-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-threw-this-leather-jacket-on vibe.
They were such a cute and affectionate couple!

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So spring is officially here! YAY. No more cold, frigid winter; only clear, sunny skies and the crisp air of spring. The city is just lovely and I am as in love with it as ever.

Bracelets and necklace, Forever21. Watch, the boyfriend's. Leggings and plaid layered tunic, Urban Outfitters.
Floral tank and denim jacket, H&M. Studded belt, Mossimo. Sequined headband, H&M.

An afternoon with a green tea latte and a good book = contentment.

Cristophe Dercarnin is a genius. He reworked the shoulders and bling trend he brought out last spring for this year's fall line. It's all rock chic and glitzy glamour in black, silver and leather.. Please excuse me while I drool.

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hope you all had a good weekend!


La Couturier said...

I love that last photo of you. And your jacket!!

La C.

P.S.: I'm finally back =]

Mode Junkie said...

oh my.. chuck is so delish. :)
you look so cute in your outfit babe.

Bella said...

Ahhh, the jacket is fantastic! You look awesome. xxx

DaisyChain said...

amazing jacket doll

Sam said...

You look so cute!

tanya said...

She's so gorgeous as well :-) I'm loving your jacket...hotness!

Marian said...

Love your outfit honey, you looked great! loving the shot of you in between chuck and Jessica.
Sweetie hope you are well.I have changed my blog name and link address. Could you kindly change it in you list of blog links.
My blog name is now my name:Marian Kihogo and link
Would really appreciate if you could change it, thanks sweetie.
Happy wknd x

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic! I work with a guy that is like a total cross between ed westwick and robert pattinson. It's CRAZY. Too bad he's more of a Chuck kind of guy. Same about Vanessa, she was always such a filler character, but now they sort of have her stepping forward and she's doing so great!

Trisch xo

yiqin; said...

I am so jealous you got to see him!!!!!

Frank & Rémy said...

You look so cute! Adorable! But where are the daily updates :(

Stompface said...

long time no comment pretty lady
you look cute as always.
and holy moly. how awesome to run into those two, I don't really like her on the show either, but she is super pretty. and mmm delicious ed.


Gloria fait son show said...

woow the pics:) so lucky
lovely jacket