Sunday, September 21, 2008


Last Saturday I went to The Challenge, a night of music organized by the youth in Peoples Church of Montreal. It was a beautiful night for students living for Jesus. The musical guest, David Martel, was really good. Although I thought his companion, Natasha Landry, was amazing. Like entrancing kind of amazing. The notes she was hitting were really out there and the way she was singing was so effortless, so nonchalant. When God hands out those talents, He really goes all out, eh? Anyway, that night I just missed all my friends at CCF, most of all my girls. 

There is just no greater high than being in worship with other lovers of Christ. Seeing all those people just lifting up praises to Him, it's just a joy to be able to share in the love of Jesus like that. 

Some lyrics that really made an impact on me that night:

The lost returning
Salvation is all around
In the midst of the world broken down
You are all we have now

You are God and this hope is ours

So Father open the skies
Flood the Earth with your light
This is love, to break a world indifferent

Our hearts are burning
The fire that won't burn out
In the midst of a world that's grown cold

You are all we have now

Open the skies
Flood the Earth with your light
This is love to break a world indifferent
As we lift up our eyes
Fill our hearts with your fire

In a world the same we'll be the difference, the difference

Our eyes are open
Every chain now broken
In this world we are different 
Let your love become us
As we live to make you famous
We're in this world but we are different
-Point of Difference

I'm here to meet with You
come and meet with me
I'm here to find You
reveal yourself to me

As I wait, You make me strong
As I long, You draw me to Your arms
As I stand and sing your praise
You come, You come and you fill this place
Won't You come,
Won't You come and fill this place
-Meet With Me

I'm sad to have missed the TND concert a few weeks ago. 
But I am so happy that the event was a success. Praise God! I feel overjoyed for the new people won for Christ.
Click here for a video of my beautiful sister, Carmen, 
singing Hosanna at the concert.

there is nothing, to me, more attractive than a man or woman so in love with Jesus.

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