Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hot Fall Day

We were blessed with a beautiful day today. The sun was out, the air was cool but not chilly, the wind was nowhere to be felt.
Il fait beau. To celebrate the sun, I wore a dress that would be buried in my closet as soon as the temperature drops again.

I finally got to go back to the museum to get my copy of Yves Saint Laurent Style Style Style. It's the catalogue that accompanies the exhibit I mentioned earlier. I just browsed a little, and I LOVE it. It has photos of all the sketches of the pieces featured in the exhibit (plus a few more), complete with swatches of the fabrics used in the designs. I can't wait to read it cover to cover!

Last week of the exhibit means people are flocking to the museum
to see the legacy of YSL. It also means there was a long line at the door
(which I never saw the previous weeks!).

I also passed by the Grande Bibliothéque to return some books and ended up borrowing two new ones! Nevermind that I still have that one book I borrowed from the Richard Dawson library (I love my community!); I tend to go shop crazy in a bookstore -err, library.

I found this fashion dictionary that would've been useful all those times I was closing my pages at work.

Also got a book by Jennifer Weiner. I loved Little Earthquakes, and I'm hoping this will be another riveting and heart-gripping chick lit. :)

I am really thankful to God for my time here. I see now that it's such a blessing to be slow-paced. It gives me time to observe, drinking in all the inspiration around me; to read, which is a leisure I have had to give up when I started working; and to just think and reflect on things I haven't had a chance to dwell on much before. It really is a new perspective, and I'm learning to appreciate things and people and presences I may have taken a teeny bit for granted back home. Oh! and all this time on my hands has me catching up on my tv shows too. :) If I haven't mentioned, I am a major tv series junkie! I just saw the Season 2 premiere of Lipstick Jungle, and it is fabulous! I am seriously infatuated with Victory Ford (played by Lindsay Price). I am really loving her charming urban style, and her accessories. Playful and fearless, but also classic. She also wore a BCBG dress with bow that I shot before for a page! I love seeing things I shoot or use in a page on real live people, rather in this case, reel live celebrities.

Seeing that it only aired tonight, I've been having trouble finding pictures from the set! I'll get one of Victory Ford in that dress soon. In the meantime,

New York's society trio are back.

And so is the Nico-Kirby hot love affair!
(check out Nico's cream ruffled blouse.)


À tout à l'heure!

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