Monday, September 22, 2008

OMG, Gossip Girl!

I am so loving the new season of Gossip Girl. The Fashion is as cutting-edge and inspirational as ever, the soundtrack still hip and fresh, and the plot, cutthroat as hell. 

Blair is absolute Love. 
I'd thought about incorporating two bows in an outfit, but have decided against it so many times at the thought of it being too much too cutesy. But here, Blair pulls it off with charm and elegance in a way only Blair Waldorf (or Leighton Meester) could!

I find Blair's oversized bows a nice modern take on the secretary's pussybow blouse. Pretty!

Blair Waldorf, I love you. I have seen episodes this season 'til the 3rd, I'm planning to catch the 4th on its encore airing, since I have night classes on Mondays and I've given up watching it online. Why do so when I can catch it on HD tv, albeit nearly a week late.  
I think Serena's being annoying, Jenny's getting extremely lucky with her internship, and Nate and Vanessa.. well, it's too sad for Nate, but I personally don't think they're a good match, so whatev. I mean, kick Vanessa off the show, let's see if anyone notices. Anyway. I cannot wait until the next Rufus-and-Lily sighting! I know it's coming up on the 4th episode, and it kills me to have to wait for the encore! (I caught the last quarter of the show last night but I just couldn't! Pet peeve: watching a show when it's already started.)

Question: do they or don't they have a uniform? I know they have the school jacket, but other than that?

Serena's outfit here looks so familiar...

Oh yes, she had that same white top, tartan skirt and tie combo in Season One (see below). The one on top just looks like an un-updated summer version.

More Blairspirations for the road:

Hot white.

Almost used this for a page I did! I was able to get 
the perfect match for that bag in Aranaz too.

Can't say it enough, I Love colors (and prints)!

I don't think anyone else but Blair can pull this off:
a bit matchy-matchy and Flight Attendant-esque for my taste.

Love this very subtle dark romanticism look.


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