Sunday, September 21, 2008

I am Here.

Well, not there exactly. That was the view on my train ride home from NY. 

This is home. 
For now.
The view outside my window at night.

My room which I had fun putting up. Well, one side of it anyway. The wardrobe, bed, and accessory tray with drawers were there when I moved in. :) 

My very modest vanity table.

Book/ accessory shelf.

My study area.

It's still not perfect yet! I am still shopping for some nice cabinet handles, a rug, and door stoppers. And something I can use to hold my pictures. Maybe next month when my allowance comes in...

and my allowance for this month is negative because..
well, I've been shopping for essentials (clothes are essential..). Last Friday I went to The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for the LOVE Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit, and it was exquisite. YSL pioneered a new breed of empowered women by constructing clothes that were somewhat subversive in their era. 

some favorites..

geometric circles in playful head-to-toe (literally!) contrast
Spring/Summer 1992

textures put an interesting touch on a seemingly simple gown; garment: silk and velvet
Autumn/Winter 1998

I love how the pale pink bows soften the austerity of black
Evening Gown, 1990

Yves Saint Laurent was known to end each show with a wedding dress: (here shown 2nd from left)
I just adore that wedding gown. (Yes, it was meant for a bride. It was donated back to the foundation, although I'm not sure if the person who owned it actually wore it to her wedding.) I love the colors and the graphics which are almost childlike. It looks like something a kindergartner drew up in her crayolas, doesn't it? It says, "Love me Forever" in front; "or Never" at the back. Statement coat! I'd like to own it. I will love it and it will keep me warm and... anyway.

here's another one. not so much as a favorite as "hmmm, interesting...."
Cute, eh? Wonder who (or what) he had in mind when he made this hand-knitted creation.
Wedding dress, A/W 1965

Had a few more favorites like the original Le Smoking and the collection inspired by India. I'm planning to go back to buy the catalogue and will post more when I get my hands on it.


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