Sunday, September 28, 2008

Serena Grows A Backbone!

Finally! Serena stops being her whiny but-I'm-not-like-that-anymore self and finally impressively rises back up. Oh yes, D did it and S has had the final straw. She's abandoned the mopey martyr role and has stepped into her mean girl shoes.
Dan Humphrey is seriously so stupid. Not to mention an ass. He gets all accusatory on more than one occasion, beating down poor weak apologetic Serena who really had nothing to do with all the Amanda-attacks. Which is in itself her own fault, btw. He should feel so lucky the day Serena even so much as glanced at his lowly loser self.

I've actually started reading the book; the second installment, You Know You Love Me. And I have to say, I don't like it, not at all. Dan is this scrawny little nerd who chain smokes and is, in book-Serena's own words, stalker-esque. Nate is a junkie who actually likes big boobed Little J. Blair's picture perfect self still comes to mind when reading about her character, although her uptight attitude is a bit more magnified on paper.

Back to the show. Love the Rufus-Lily sexual tension; but I have to say, Lily is way confused. Did she think she could just come up to Rufus, resume their flirtatious banter, and go on like she wasn't just on her honeymoon? Even if Rufus did take the bait, what did she expect to happen anyway, have an affair? Flashback to her wedding day when Rufus went to see her in her prep room and they end up like smiley old friends in agreement with something, what was that about anyway? I'm aware sound obsessed, but I want answers! Anyway, maybe a hot affair with two people who are actually in love is just what Gossip Girl needs. Also, why did they cast that woman to be Rufus' new girlfriend, she is so not attractive (think: McDreamy's character's girfriend in Enchanted). It could be because she's gonna be booted out sooner rather than later? Hmmm, I could hope.

Blair, as usual, is amazing. I love the Queen Bee-tchyness, reminds me of my own high school years. Ahh, petty little girl fights, gotta miss those. Or Not.

Quotes and Quips:

Little J: The first day of school is draft day. Blair and her merry band of psychos are gonna on the terror; they categorize girls into two groups: projects and victims. The girls who have the potential to become little mini Blairites become projects.

I am so into the term, Blairite. Did you know it also refers to supporters of Tony Blair?

B: Amanda, we have some ground rules here.

Amanda: For lunch?

B frown-smirks and looks at her as if she were an imbecil.

Love the Blair facial expressions. Leighton Meester is pure genius with her eyes and puckers.

From last season's Much I Do About Nothing

Serena: Just so you know, if this were a competition, I don’t need Blair and her posse to win.

I know by now that they do have the uniform. But it raises another question: why is Jenny Humphrey wearing her uniform the same way two episodes in a row?

On a different channel, why oh why is Gabrielle Solice looking like this?? Say it isn't so! And with kids?! What have they done to Wisteria Lane's most fabulous housewife!

The optimist in me wants to believe a transformation is in the works. It is so not in her character to stay like this. Her body is too smoking hot to hide behind those, ugh, baggy clothes! And I can't get over her having kids. (!!)

New addiction: Lipstick Jungle. I can't wait for more of Victory Ford; she is too adorable for words. And I find her outfits + accessories always always inspirational.

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RoxyKitty said...

OMG i luv luv Gossip Girl its my all time fave show and although I'm happy for Serena's new place on top I felt really bad for B on the last episode, B was totally going to apologize and Serena shut her down hard. I think that new girl Poppy is gonna be some trouble.

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