Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All Plaid Out

Waiting for our teacher at school

Aida M and her fabulous fringe bag from Paris. 
(She calls it her lion.)

Layering plaid on plaid can be tricky, but my love for mismatching prints made me try it tonight. I played with different patterns of plaid with contrasting colors and textures. And to finish the look, my leather jacket and studded belt toughened the preppy print with a grunge attitude. 


hanna said...

that belt just gave me a heart attack!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Wow! Great mix-matching Rache! I especially love your plaid tights (I can only go hoarding colored tights from Asia, having patterned ones is a huge frustration to find back here! heeehee) paired with another plaid scarf! And that belt!!

Oh your schoolmates are equally as cool as you are too!

Oh you bet! She was not a redhead-biatch... but a dark-haired nosy girl (lets just call her X-files hahaha)who even had the guts to show up a just a few hours after I gave birth (just when I felt the tired-ugliest...) and was even bugging hubby to attend a wedding even if there were chances of me not being able to go (obviously because I just popped) -- just because she was the maid of honor --DUH!


great mix dear!love your out,the plaid is fab. your friends fringe bag is wonderful.hope your having a good week.

makemoremistakes said...

You look wonderful! I love the layered plaid- I love plaid in general...

Thanks for the wonderfully sweet comment.

I hope you're well!


♥ fashion chalet said...

R ♥

How did you find me? All I know is my glad you did.. your comments make me S.M.I.L.E. out loud!! :)

I lovelovelove your plaid tights, ohhh you make me crave a pair!!

yiqin; said...

Your leggings is to die for! <3 the long white scarf too :)

I am Dane. said...

Oh my god Rache your friend's Lion is gorgeousss!

DaisyChain said...

Those tights! Wow, where are they from? Laura NEEDS!

Susanna-Cole said...

Beautiful outfits, those TIGHTS are incredible, and look perfect with what you paired them with! :)

And thanks for your beautiful comment, don't worry I understand, as I too have often just opted not to give for reasons of this or that. But hey there is always room for change! :) And also your boyfriend sounds like an amazing guy, now I am inspired too! :D


♥Smoochies♥ said...

love the boots but i hate waiting for my teachers
y r they late
but when we r late we get penalties!!!

nv said...

THAT BELT IS SO NICE <3. and you and your friends are very well dressed ;)

Stompface said...

oh my!!! that belt!!! and those tights!!! I love love love them.

love all you pretty girls outfits!