Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pile it up

Just a quick uploading of more outfit pics from last Monday. Right now I'm at my friends apartment with the chicas and we're actually getting together for school work, but of course we haven't started on it.. 

I am so happy Obama won, mostly for what it represents and for the historical significance this victory brings. I won't be pretentious and say I'm glad he won because I believe in his causes yada yada yada.. I've never been interested in politics and as much as I'm ashamed to admit this, I've mostly been apathetic about it. Probably I'll be more interested in the future since I'm growing up and all (haha). For now, I just think Obama's victory is unbelievably amazing in unifying so much of the diversity around us. 


as you can see, I had fun with my layers

Sweatshirt and Boyfriend Cardi, Old Navy. Tricot leggings, American Apparel. Leather jacket, Zara. Bag, Aldo. Houndstooth scarf, from HongKong.

P.S. I am slowly but surely getting addicted to American Apparel. So much so that my project on fashion communications (producing a publicity plan and press kit) is based on the label. I am going back there tomorrow before class to get the shirt I was eyeing earlier... And little bit of trivia for you: despite what the name suggests, American Apparel actually originated in Montréal and later on moved its factory to LA.


yiqin; said...

OMG You wore the jacket SO well! If its not so hot over here I'll wear a blazer/leather jacket EVERYWHERE.

PS. His victory made EVERYONE happy!

Little Miss Dress Up said...

I LOVE the leather jacket! It suits you so well and the fit is just amazing. :D

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

I love your jacket!!! I also adore how you pulled off the stripe-over-stripe layers... si cute!!! Rachel you have a way of puting patterns together and you always come out looking as cute as ever!

I used to be up to date with politics and current events but I, too lost some interest by mid-college... but I guess I just have no other choice but to watch CNN when I'm stuck in the room with hubby! heeehee

melmo said...

wow great look!

Stompface said...

Love this outfit, hooray for layering.
that stripey light blue cardigan is the prettiest colour blue.
You look awesome dear.

Oh and I so know what you mean, I have an addiction to American Apparel to.