Friday, November 14, 2008


Here are the Rules: 
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Okay let's start:
1. I count steps.
1-10, go reverse, then repeat. I have no idea how it started, I just know that whenever I go up (or down) a flight of stairs, I count in my head. Remember how exercises in P.E. require us to count 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1? I think it might have started from there. I realized this is a very Monk (luv the tv series) thing to do.
2. I am very anal with how I have my food. 
I cannot eat just one type of food at a time. There has to be a siding or two, the more the merrier. My food proportions must also hit just the right balance. For example, rice must not overpower the saltiness of meat. Same goes with sauce, pasta, gravy, ketchup, barbecue sauce, and so on. I have weird eating habits. I can go from a spoonful of my entrée to my dessert then back to my entrée. I'm also a strict follower of the perfect last bite. :) Usually that last bite is salty. If I have dessert, I usually have something salty afterwards. Like that one last perfect twirl of pasta on my fork. Usually I just trade in the sweet stuff for chips.
And, I am addicted to food. It's my worst vice!
3. I love kisses.
And I love seeing people kiss. Some may find it gross, I find it sweet. (Well, it depends at the type of kiss too.) The hopeless romantic in me loves ogling those photos where the couple is caught in a passionate embrace, or even in a sweet lip lock with the guy cradling the girls face in his hands. My favorite thing is how my guy is never ashamed to give me a bear hug in the mall or stand one step lower on the escalator so he can kiss me. He occasionally twirls me too while we walk and I used to find it embarrassing but after 5 years, I've learned to live with it. ;) Okay, enough mush! 
4. I am a multi-tasker! 
I usually can't sit and do one thing at a time. I always have something in my hands while I watch TV, it could be a magazine or food or this baby (no name yet). I also can't eat without doing anything. It's either I'm enjoying my meal with someone, with a book, or with a good show. 
5. I am a devil on the road.
On good days I can cut the usual 20 minute drive down to 10 minutes. Those crazy ass drivers in Manila have honed my skills in avoiding, cutting, and tailgating (I rarely let anyone cut in front of me). It's just because Philippine driving requires you not only to be a defensive, but also an aggressive driver. Try to be nice and let someone take his turn on an intersection and see if anyone's gonna be that nice to you. Although on lazy days I do my good deed and let the occasional car or two cut in my lane. That said, I also hold such disdain over slowpoke and pushover drivers (when I'm riding with the latter). Also helps that I learned from the best safe-driving-kaskasero (road devil) of them all, none other than the boyf. Of course the lessons usually elicited shouting matches which ended as soon as we stepped out of the car. I also love parking, I do it so well! Haha, my Dad was a great teacher. :)
My best moments include crossing bumper-to-bumper traffic on a five-lane highway(Commonwealth). Literally bumper-to-bumper, like a pedestrian wouldn't fit in between cars. That's how selfish those drivers are; there's no where to go, but they wouldn't let anyone cross the intersection. I crossed that and was swallowed by the traffic. My rearview mirror told me no one even got to follow me across the highway.
6. I am addicted to buying makeup. I have loads of blushes/ bronzers, mascaras, eyeliners, face powders, etc. There's so much that I end up not finishing or even touching some of them. I blame it on the packaging. They look so nice that you just want to have them. Prime example, I have been buying the Holiday Collection eye palette from MAC for 4 years now. And the brush set that comes in the super cute pouch. Although those are really good buys, I use them all the time! I don't like this year's collection's Red theme too much though, so I'll skip that one. One thing I don't actually use is lipstick. I don't like the feel on my lips and it just looks unnatural! The only lipcolors I use come in the form of tinted lip balm, and usually just nude. I have the lip palette from MAC's Holiday Collection (Tan Lips) last year, and I luuuv it. 
So now I pass the tag on to anyone who wants to answer. Have fun!
My driving instructor doubles as my favorite foot masseur :) Pap-pa-rap-pap-pa.. Love ko 'to.  


Stompface said...

ohh i am the same with food, I love salty food over sweet food any day!

Mode Junkie said...

interesting post about you. love these kind of posts. makes me know you a lil bit better!

DaisyChain said...

I love your answers! I prefer salty food as well.
I am a true salt fiend!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Oh Rachel! Don't worry about flooding my page with long comments! Believe me I loved reading every single word!!!

Thanks for answering the tag!! It's nice to read such interesting things about you... I also have to eat "chichirya" after having dessert... I'm the opposite of hubby... he stops after having sweet dessert... I go on and look for something salty! And I still have my hands down to your driving skills... reading your driving escapades alone gave me palpitations!! heehee I love kisses too! But hubby is quite conservative (grrrr) he would even hesitate to give me a smack on the lips even when we're in the car waiting for a green traffic light!! heehee... he chooses locations I think... because when we are out of the country.. he's ma-extra-PDA! heehee

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Oh I forgot to add... I'm not much of a make-up person but you made my heart flutter with your vivid and decriptions of those make-up pallettes, colors, collections....WOW! It sounded as tempting as food!!!


lovely photos and posts my reading tidbits about you,