Saturday, November 8, 2008

Of Prints, Textures, Relationships, and Other Stuff

This is what I wore last Tuesday, the day I got my baby from the Apple store back. Yes, I remember.. It was a pretty good day :) I am really luvin this scarf that my Dad got me. It is so wonderfully soft and I just adore the candy pastel stripes on gray. One of those things that I just find so so pretty.

Textured tunic, Topshop. Tights and Sheer textured high socks, Nine West. Coat, Zara. Necklaces, Aldo and Urban Behavior. Bag, Aldo. Scarf and Canvas Cutout Lace-ups, Urban Outfitters. Ring, BCBG. 

On a side note, I found this picture(s) of Agyness Deyn today while searching for an image of a pair of Zara gladiator platforms I fell inlove with last Sunday. I've always been drawn to her quirky cool sense of style. This Brit girl is awesome. I luv how she wears those brogues. TOO COOL.

And I've been searching for a picture of those Zara platforms because my boyf is in Macau with his friend Christian, who happens to design for the label, Christian Audigier, but is not Christian Audigier... I'm babbling. Anyway, let's just say his Dad gave him a pretty generous amount of pocket money and he asked what I wanted him to get for me. So there, I threw all modesty aside and said I wanted the beautiful beautiful shoes that was luv-at-first-sight. I couldn't find pictures of the exact ones, and these other ones came up on Google. They would do.

Please excuse my dabble on Photoshop. I know they are pretty bad, but I'm still trying to figure it out. It's so complicated for computer dummies like me. Hopefully I'll get better :)

For those wondering what a long distance relationship looks like, here is a picture of me and the boyf having breakfast (well, he is while I look extremely happy at the sight of those yummy fries there). It was quite an enjoyable conversation with the boyf and his Dad (he was sitting across the table). And look at that room, it's gorgeous and so huge. They are staying at The Venetian which was said to be so big that the hotel's basement can fit six (six!!!) 747's easily. Geez. His Dad propositioned to bring us there if I come back home soon, like next week. I know he was just joking, but maybe I should show up at their doorstep next weekend and claim my prize. That would be a hoot.

Other randoms: I am thinking of naming my Macbook, instead of always just calling it "my baby." Any suggestions would be welcome. It's a he; a white macbook wearing a hot pink hardcase. So I'm thinking a unisex sounding name. haha.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!

P.S. About the vest, I am now about 80% sure that I'm getting it! Thank you, all, you've been tremendous help! ;) 


Anonymous said...

That necklace is so pretty and I love your outfit <3
Wwoooow those shoes are amazing, I think I like the bottom ones best because of the diamondi-ness, anyway hope you get some gorgeous boots!

Cait said...

I like the tights. Sounds like some fun then & now..and in the future too..for you.

rachel said...

hey, im rachel too (:
i love your outfits! <3
especially in the first picture(s).
you look famous (;

DaisyChain said...

Your tights and those shoes really should belong to me.
I reckon so!

ashley said...

how lucky to have those beautiful shoes on their way to you:)
i love that image of the long-distance relationship~ it is really hard being away from a soul-mate, but that old saying applies: distance makes the heart grown fonder {and gets you lovely new gladiators in the process:)}
x ashley

Nisey♥Smooches said...

thanks so much for the advice
i'm so going to take it :)

♥ fashion chalet said...

I want your scarf and knee socks, love!!

Thank you, yes once cold weather arrives.. my blog will be all about cozy, comfy, Winter garb! ;)

By the way, call it "Shane" :)

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

So did you get the vest?? (I'm so excited!!)

I love your argylle print knee socks!!! I called my ipod "Snowflake" and my iphone "Snowball", then back in 2006 I bought an ibook (I ruined it soon and opted to return it instead boo to me) and named it "Winter"...I wanted them all to have a "Snow of Winter" theme since they were all WHITE and since yours has a touch of pink... why not name it "Strawberry Fizz" or "Magenta" or.. "Daiquiri" hahaha I know they are all silly suggestions!