Thursday, November 6, 2008

Decisions, decisions.

I want this:

I fell in love with this (faux) fur vest! When I walked into the store, I was planning on getting either a bag or a pair of shoes, but I couldn't find any that were just perfect and absolute luv.. Then I saw this fur vest, hungrily snatched it off its hanger, and tried it on. It is so so so soft and so wonderfully comfortable. 

BUT. Okay, I primarily live in a very humid country where donning fur would guarantee frowns and stares from the widely fashion-ignorant and conservative public. But (again) I won't be residing in that country for maybe another 7-8 months. I should make most of this time away to wear things I can't wear in my homeland, right?? Right? Right. 

Anyway, I have enough of that defiant streak that would give me the panache to wear fur in Manila. [Even if I do look like an outlandish Korean/ Japanese in the process.]
 There is air conditioning everywhere after all.

What do you think: should I buy it??


makemoremistakes said...

I love love love fur and faux fur, though i would never ever buy real fur if it was not vintage and pre-used. And luckily I live in a climate that is often very conducive of fur wearing!

Lisa said...


THANKS so much for your insanely beautiful comment.

ah. so sweet. i don't even know what to say!

i say if its faux go for it !!!!!!!

have a wonderful weekend.


Thea said...

Right. Personally I think fauxfur vests rock. There are always umbrellas! I really want one myslef, but living in a coldass country like norway makes me think i might not eeeever be able to wear it. But i still kinda want one :)

GET ITTTTT. (if its faux!! :) )

ashley said...

oh it is very pretty~ perhaps a week-end splurge to protect you from the snow?!
lucky find i think!
x ashley

Nisey♥Smooches said...

thanks i sure hope so :)

I am Dane. said...

You need that. Like, neeeed. Its absolutely awesome.. Is it faux? You can always drive to tagaytay or baguio to wear it..

If you are trying to make a sensible decision, I am not the right person to ask.. but then it is responsible of you to want something that will keep you warm right?

You need that vest.

Susanna-Cole said...

When I can't decide whether to buy something, I leave it in the story and give it a day or so, and if I keep thinking about that item, then I go back and buy it, if I just forget about it... well must have not have been great enough to buy! :P

And thanks for your comment, and your kind words and sharing your thoughts, inspiring indeed! :)


yiqin; said...

I think you should! You look great in it :)

rachel said...

thanks for all your comments, luvs! you guys rock, telling me I need it :) yes, it is faux. I guess I forgot to put that in the entry. ;p I'm thinking twice about it now cos when I showed the boyf asking for his opinion, he goes, "what, that gorilla thing?"
ahhh men. gotta love 'em.

♥ fashion chalet said...

I finally got to wear boots today. Up, soon! :) I just love cooler weather, since we have hot summery days practically 365... :/

Your fut vest is incredibly gorgeous and you look so great in it!

♥/ fashion chalet

Bella said...

Well firstly, you look gorgeous!!!And seeing as I'm an avid member of Shopaholics Anonymous, I say if it's faux... definitely buy it!!!!!


*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

LOL @ your boyf's comment... guys can be really candid, funny and sometimes overboard with their inout... though we know how much they appreciate those things when we're already wearing them.

I say grab it!!!

First off: You said you still have a few months to go in cold Canada... so that already gives you a reason to get it -- it will definitely keep you warm... and you, a human being need warmth to survive the cold right now and what is yet to come...heehee

Second: It's not real fur. So your not the cause of some "gorilla's" hair loss (I can't get over it), nor would you be the next target of animal rights activists...

Third: It's CUTE, it's stylish and it definitely suits you well... seriously...

and Lastly: though you wouldnt find much use for that cute thing back here (unless you want to wear it and be oggled at in Manila or go to Baguio instead), hey... YOU WILL DEFINITELY LOOK SO GOOD IN ALL YOUR TRAVEL PICTURES WITH THAT VEST ON!!! It's nice to stare at your past pictures and look back to those stylish this-will-never-happen-in-the-Phils outfits.

(oops... I think I just wrote a novel... I'm so sorry!! I will never be able to play the good-guy when it comes to shopping...)

Stompface said...


It is very very cool, and faux fur so you don't have to feel bad.

It looks hot as on you.

I am jealous, I want an awesome faux fur vest.

sarah said...

i love it, definatly buy it!!! x