Wednesday, November 19, 2008

These boots were made for Dancing..

The best thing about going out is getting to dress up more than usual. Primping is part of the whole enjoyable process and I love taking my time painting my face on. Primer, foundation, highlighter, eye color, bronzing powder, mascara, lip color = bliss. We had wine and pasta with salad and bread and it was delish. I can live off pasta forever.

Beautiful night without wind chill equals walking downtown in our party garb. The gray dress I wore was the first thing I ever bought at the Manila-based boutique, Tyler, when I started working there. It was love at first sight.. it went out on stores right about that time Chloe Dao won Project Runway Cycle 2 and I went crazy over her 13th piece. It was a gold halter babydoll dress with pockets. LOVED it. So when I saw this jersey halter bubble dress with pockets, I didn't hesitate for one second. It's still one of my favorites until now.

So we went out dancing and having a crazy wonderful time being girls. I'm off alcohol (except wine), have been for a while now.. and I find that a super fantabulous time has nothing to do with getting a buzz! Natural highs, baby. Dancing, laughing, tripping, pointing.. Fabulous night all in all. *

Coat, M. Mittis Green. Dress, Tyler. Belt, Zara. Ring, Aldo. Tights, Urban Outfitters. Woven Clutch, Aranaz. Watch, boyfriend's.


Lisa said...

wow beauty.

stunnning boots.
love the black with that extra pop.

thanks for the sweetness!



sweetie love love love the bright boots,you are a beauty! love the piccies look like fun was had by all.would love to swap linkies,just added yours.

Marian xx

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh you look gorgeous, and I LOVE those boots, such a gorgeous color, they're fabulous!

And you're welcome for the award my dear, was much deserved! <3


DaisyChain said...

they really are THE most amazing boots.

saray said...

LOVE your boots~

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Girl you look fab!!!

You're so pretty! I love your new profile picture... you can pass for a pinoy-star I'm serious! Your chinita eyes are stunning!

I really love your boots!!! And your textured tights are TDF!! I also like your wine-colored dress.. all rich color suit your skintone so well!

Awww I really have fun reading your posts/comments I actually look forward to them! And who knows.. if fate permits we might meet up back here and be good friends!!

nv said...

oh your boots are so adorable!

ashleigh said...

oh gosh my dear those boots are great! looks like you definately got your moneys worth :) looks like lots of fun!

MR style said...

wow so nice !! i love it

Stompface said...

ohhh the colour of those boots are amazing.
I think it is one of my fave colours.

Looks like fun times too!

I am Dane. said...

Aww so cute of you. You always have the cutest splashes of colors in your outfits.. and girls nights out are the best!