Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rise and Fall


Hard to think that just a week ago temperatures rose, albeit sparingly and temporarily. Today, it is officially winter here in Montréal. It was a gloomy day with constant rain. Why must the rain come at such inopportune times when I don't have my lovely flat umbrella. 

I slept over at my friend's flat after a crazy night out with the ladies. We had to wake up early to catch McDonald's breakfast before our makeup Fashion Communications class. Maybe not such a good idea to stay out 'til early morning, but ingenious plan to sleep over at the apartment right across school (Thanks, Laura). Despite rains today, we were so lucky to have beautiful weather last night. It was so nice out that we walked down to Crescent and opted not to take a cab even on the way home. That was a pretty fabulous weekend. [Photos to follow.]

These pictures were taken last Thursday, when we had lovely weather. Warm enough to wear a light sweater and let the feet breath with semi-open chaussures. I remember that day, I visited AA and got new favorite things. I can't wait to come home. One month to go. 


Susanna-Cole said...

Fabulous outfit, I especially love your leggings and bag! And ah, yes, the weather is all up and down at this time of the year, at least hear. Yesterday it was practially summer-like and today it's feels much more wintry!

Thanks for your lovely comment, as always! <3

And by the way, wanted to let you know, I gave you the "You Rock" award on my blog! <3 :)



sweetie you look fabu. love all you pieced together.such a hottie ;o)

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend!!

I know what you feel about how unpredictable CA and USA weather can be... but at least you got to wear some other stuff from your closet! heehee... I really... REALLY love your leggings!!! And I love your layered top too! Your bag is also gorgeous!!!

Have a great week ahead!!

P.S.I just saw your previous post and thanks for answering the tag! I left a comment too!

♥ fashion chalet said...

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♥Smoochies♥ said...

i live for those leggings
go ahead and work that outift :)

Marina said...

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Bella said...

Babe you have amazing style!

Stompface said...

I want your leggings!!!!!