Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bright Night

Funny story about my last post. I was so excited to get my catalogue for Parsons' Continuing Education and Certificate Courses and the second I opened it, I flipped to the Fashion Studies page and saw the class I wanted to take: Fashion History. I checked it out and everything seemed good, then when I looked to see when the course was to start, it said, Sept. 15. Hmm, was this for Fall 2009?? Nope. It was a catalogue for Fall Semester, this year! I wonder why they would send me a catalogue for a term that had already started. Nyerr.. I thought when I received it that it would be for Spring of next year. Oh well, anyway, I should follow up with them on that.

As I have mentioned, yesterday was rainy. In fact it was rainy and windy the whole day. I used to love driving in the rain.. for the reason that it made the road a bit slippery and to me, my ride felt all the more smoother. I guess that's crazy talk, but hey to each his own. Plus I loved feeling all warm and cozy in the solitude of my silver stalone (that's my car's nickname, haha.) while pellets of raindrops fell on the world outside. 

Light raindrops are my friends.

Anyhoo, I thought it was the perfect night to break in my wellies! I got them at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store on Bleecker when I was in New York, and I have been waiting for the weather change to wear them. 

As if making up for the total lack of color the other night, I let brights and whites illuminate the dark dreary night. (oh hey, I rhyme!) 

There may be no other special features on my lovely rainboots, except for the fact that they're by the fabulous MJ. Oh and those plastic buckles add a little bit of something to it for me..

Wellies, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Quilted Jacket, Bebe. Dress, H&M. Tights, from Korea. Scarf, La Senza. Legwarmers, H&M. Belt, Zara. Ring, vintage. 
Bag, Renegade Folk. Beanie, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I hope you're all enjoying the weather on your side of the globe!



Anonymous said...

hello. nice blog, full of colours. i'll link it on mine if its ok?

best wishes.

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

I love your wellies!!! They look so chic on you! I also adore the color pops here and there... love the bright tights and your scarf is so cute!!! You've got great style, and count me in as a big BIG fan!!

LOL at the Parsons brochure...I'm so sorry this term already started... maybe you can catch the same class again next year...

P.S. I found a little time to update my favorite links and I added you up!!

Lisa said...

hi love.

thanks for the lovvvvvvvvely comment.

so sweet. seriously. thank you.

ah love those wellies. definitely a must for Canada.

have a stunning day girl.



hey honey,how fab do you look. your wellies are yummy!i like the colours and the tights you wore with them are so fun! hope Parsons send you the right prospectus super soon.good luck with applying.

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh I think Parsons probably doesn't have the catalogue done for Fall 2009, therefore they just sent you what they already had on hand or something... :P

Amazing outfit, I love the colors! I really need some rainboots/wellies! :D


Stompface said...

Wow! Soo many colours! You rock them well.
I love it.

Anonymous said...

your wellies are super cute

Anonymous said...

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