Thursday, October 9, 2008

Good Days

Bad days are, well, very unpleasant and frustrating for most parts; but one thing they're good for is that they magnify the delight one feels on good days. Today was definitely a good great day!

I started my day a bit late. At around noon I was in bed leisurely reading an article on Yahoo about diets and wellness; and when I got to a part about yoga, it suddenly hit me that today was Thursday and I've got Pilates class on thursdays! So I jump out of bed, wash up quick, get ready, and run out the door and into the car in record time. Fortunately, my class is held in the community recreational center which is like 10 minutes from the house, so I made it right on time. 
Having my dose of Pilates already puts my day off to a good start. I pass by the library on my way back to pick up some DVD's I reserved for this weekend's road trip. The moment I get home I hop in the shower and after, as I'm drying myself, I realize the horrible zit I've been obsessing about is gone. Oh happy day. :) I am running late as usual, so what a wonderful relief it was to get on the train and not miss it this time. 

I always get a warm feeling when I walk down rue Sainte-Catherine. The sunshine complementing the cool air feels nice on my face and as I walk amidst the throng of shoppers, I get a rush of energy -mostly brought about by the line of shops block after block. Finally, I see the big Apple set against a facade of glass and I feel like the heavy weight my right shoulder has been enduring is worth it. I love the Apple store. All these sleek, shiny gadgets on counters waiting to be played with... ahh. My baby is home. I go up to the Genius Bar and surf the internet while I wait for my turn. Finally, the Mac Expert Guy calls me and after sharing my dilemma with him, he cheerfully checks my MacBook for the serial code and then disappears to the stock room to get me a new charger. Hooray! They are replacing my iSight (the built-in webcam) too, since mine has been acting up. How efficient is that?! Clap clap clap for extremely excellent service. The Apple Inc. is seriously the best in customer service. You guys at the Ste-Catherine Apple Store rock!


I walk out the glass doors with a satisfied smile plastered on my face and decide to walk around a bit, since I have nearly 2 hours to kill before my class. I practiced the art of restraint as I cradled the coolest pair of pumps in my hands and walked away (of course, I walked around in them around the store first). Hey, we are in a global recession! Times are hard. That, and I'm crossing the border this weekend to a land of minimal tax. Everything is expensive here because of the taxes! Which, btw, is a heated topic of conversation argument amongst the Prime Minister hopefuls. 

aren't they lovely?

Anyway, I walked away and strode straight into Urban Outfitters (I couldn't resist!). I didn't buy anything (for myself), but shopped a bit for the boyf. That's fine isn't it? Especially since he's buying me shoes in Manila and sending it here. ;) I bought him a few things and then headed for the Metro, silently elated with my purchases. Ah, nothing like the warm fuzzy feeling a shopping trip gives.

I've been wanting to buy a small fedora (left) or a bowler hat (right). I'm not sure which to get!

My professor in Fashion Marketing is the funniest, coolest teacher I have this semester (although, my Fashion Events teacher is the hottest. Former model!). I love his class; it's always interesting and very educational. [Why, just today I learned about how many lewd men lurk the streets, highways, parking lots, and public transportation in Canada. And that wasn't in our course outline.] I have a project on magazine advertising and my marketing prof (who is editor of Elle Canada and who agreed to help out with the assignment) gave me the presskit today. It's fabulous! It's this huge binder which holds Elle Canada and Elle Quebec's November 2008 issue, plus all the technicalities in running the magazine: basically everything we need for the project and more! he is Fabulous.

On top of that, he let the class out early. So I arrived home pretty early and got to watch Ugly Betty with a big steaming bowl of spicy korean noodles. Ahhh, quality alone time. Simple joys :)

Jacket, Zara. Tee, H&M. High-waisted shorts, Arden B. Textured tights, Forever 21. Belt, Bebe. Ring, Aldo.

All in all a good day :)

Please excuse the mindless and excessive ramblings. That tends to happen. I tell story within story within story... with as much detail as possible. 

time to sleep. will catch up on comments tomorrow :)


Susanna-Cole said...

Aw sounds like a perfect day! I love when my day goes so well, the better it keeps getting the more lovely everything seems! :)

And don't worry, I ramble too, and I read your entire entry! ;)


Mimi said...

Sounds great.
Love your belt and hat.

Miss V. said...

What I wouldn't give to be you right now! My day? Wake up to dreary grey weather, go to school, sleep through all my lessons, go back to house and waste time on the internet... haha.

Wow the Apple store is HUGE! There aren't any apple stores around here. Yes, the shoes are gorgeous! I do that too, you know, walking around the store with something in my hands and then I leave haha. And gosh a teacher who's a former model? Lucky you!

Love the outfit, The shorts are really cute and I love the colours!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

OMG I wish we had one Apple store as pretty as that back here (and I would really succumb into getting a macbook again..)!

I'm happy to hear you had a great day! I love "O-HAPPY-DAYS!"... mine is a bit too-boring (like the usual).

Gosh you had the coolest job in the world (I shall not start rambling about ending up in technology)!!! And I'm sorry to hear you left.. what brought you to cold Canada? Any chance you'd be back sometime again? :-) I'll grab a copy as soon as I can... I saw the cover on Stylebible.

I love purple on you! It suits you really... really well!!!