Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

I was inspired by the incredibly charming Qin's posts and pictures of her and her boyf, so I am now sharing a few of my favorite couple-pics <3

Here's my sweetest boy, the guy who is back home missing me and being miserable without me. Just kidding, I know he is partying like a rockstar while I'm away. xx


He and I have been together for a while now (hitting our 6th year this December) and I've kind of grown up (I'm guessing the better word must be "matured") with him already. So that in itself speaks of the bond that we share. He is my best friend, my movie buddy, and my best best food-tripping partner. A couple of weeks ago he said he missed shopping with me; he doesn't feel like going to the mall so much 'cause I'm not around. aww. That may have been one of my greatest achievements in this relationship: being the catalyst for this boy's growth in the art of shopping. [Can't take credit for his style though. Being a fussy dresser is all him. I'm so proud.]

Now for some cheese (if you haven't already had enough)... I'm such a glutton for romance. Anyway, he told me of this song that reminds him of me. He said that was his song until I come back home. Listen: 

Of course I loved it.


ashleigh said...

This is such a beautiful thing to read :) he sounds like a wonderful boy !! You lucky girl.

Also about those leggings .. Everything is so expensive in Australia !! I think that's why it coat so much.

chuckles said...

Awww, 6 years? that long!
and I love song.

yiqin; said...

Ohman, you guys are SO SO SO SWEET! I totally ADORE the last photo! & yes, my boyf is totally everything to me too! Wow, 6 years is a long time! :) Here's to forever :D

Stompface said...

awww you guys look great together.
really truly in love.
It's nice to see.

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw you are your boyfriend are so sweet! And I was so happy to hear you've been together for 6 years, because these days most the people I know, if they make it 6 MONTHS that's a super long relationship, so it's great to see a couple still going strong after 6 years! :)

And thanks for your comment, I totally agree! I don't even think half the kids today know how to do all the outdoor games we used to play! :(

And oh yes, I love kayaking, though I also don't get to do it that often, however I took that tag question as what kind of exerience is my favorite... and I would have to put kayaking in there even though it's a rarity that I get to do it. :( I love doing it most on calm waters at sunrise or sunset, by myself... it gives me time to reflect and thing, and I love the rythm (sp) kayaking, soothing, but still a good workout.

Anyway, better go, have a lovely day! :)


*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Oh Rachel you both look SOOOOOO CUTE together!!! All of your pictures are gorgeous...and very much ADORABLE-- I'm not kidding! You both dress really well too! You're on the "chinita" side and he's on the "tisoy" side... what a great combination!

I totally agree with what you said, I also feel that way about me and hubby...sharing the same interests and enjoying similar things (even shallow ones like shopping together) truly make the relationship a lot more special. I know how it feels being away from a significant other... it can be really sad... but in a wink of an eye, you'll be back into each others arms once more!

I love that song!!

The Stiletto Effect said...

what a cute couple

Jenny H. said...

ahhhh so cute.
he is a lucky boy!
and that song is adorable.

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