Saturday, October 25, 2008

Extraordinary Men

Thanks for the sweet comments on my previous post! I really had fun on that editorial, since it was also one of the first ones I worked hard on. Vince and I went over fall trends and chose the collections before I coordinated with the Adora merchandisers and had him approve the lines once they arrived. As an assistant is always charge of logistics, I forwarded the pegs for hair and makeup to our artists and talked with designers about the type of bodysuit we needed for the editorial. Vince is really a super genius -star stylist, art director, layout artist (I have no idea what the proper term is), and photoshop-er extraordinaire. In other words, fashion superhuman. It's so amazing working alongside his brilliance, I am awestruck every time! I especially love watching him play with the tones/ hues on the computer, I sit there in a trance while he works his art magic. Okay, I realize nobody asked, but I just let myself rave about working with these amazing people. They are incredible and huge inspirations to me!

On other news, my Dad is about to land the sweet slippery runway of
Montréal-Trudeau Airport in, oh, 15 minutes? Ahhhh... who's excited? ..Okay, ME! I haven't seen my Dad in two months and he misses me so. He is the bearer of gifts: the things I unfortunately left behind back home (I left with only three luggages behind me), stuff he got me from the states last month, and some other things he picked up from the airport just today! Yahoooo.... I have got the BEST Dad in the Whole Wide World. I am serious. He SHOPS for me. What man would cross over into the cosmetics section of Macy's just to get me my annual Holiday Edition eye palette, or into Urban Outfitters to buy me shoes, or even take the initiative to buy me all accessories for my iPod and Macbook just 'cause he thought I'd like it? My dad, that's who! He's an even better (personal) shopper than my Mom [hi, Mom. love you.]. And he's coming now to visit me for a few days before he heads off to San Fo for another convention. YEYyyyy. As my own gift, I planned cool things for us to do! We are going vintage shopping on Mont-Royal, window shopping on Ste. Catherine, the Andy Warhol exhibit at Musee des Beaux-Arts, coffee at Starbucks, a nice dinner somewhere downtown, and just touring him all around! Now, before you think we're doing things only I love, get this: I reserved us slots at the Apple store for the iPhoto, iDVD, and iMovie worshops! Oh yes, we are such Apple geeks. And my Dad loves that place, it's the only store he goes shop crazy in. So.. it's time to go! I'm off to the airport. Ta-ta!


we wear things said...

awww your dad is super awesome!!! hope you guys have a great visit!!


Jenny H. said...

thanks so much for the cute comment.

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Hurray for super dads!!! I hope you both enjoy the next few days together!!!