Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Shack

Since I can remember, I've always loved libraries. My parents used to give me books for gifts as a child and this nurtured my love for reading. I remember lounging at home, reading books in all the corners of my house. I'd lie down on the couch in our family room getting lost in the world of a time-traveling man; sit on the sofa in our living room until I'd end up sprawling across it engrossed in love stories; eat my breakfast in the clean kitchen with one hand while my other hand held a book (sometimes a comic: Archies!); enjoy the sun in the garden with a good book on fashion (Vogue. I believe it's not just a magazine); read Christian Dior's biography while (stationary) cycling in the walk-in closet; having a dose of witty chick lit in my bed right before drifting to sleep; and even sitting on the staircase during the occasional blackout -having the street lamp's glow light the page turner I just couldn't put down. Yes, I've enjoyed a book in every nook and cranny of my house.. all rooms too, except in our library. Weird, isn't it? Anyway, back to the other kind of library. I've loved libraries for all holding titles of the cheapest form of travel. I enjoy book stores too, and usually spend hours there skimming paperbacks and deciding which to get first. 
Today I had such an experience. I went back to the community library to return a book, renew the other one, and get two more. I got the 3rd installment of Gossip Girl first, since the different storyline left me intrigued and I also got the 6th season of my favorite TV series of all time, Gilmore Girls! I've probably seen each season (except the last) at least five times, so jumping straight to season 6 sits fine with me. After I checked out the books, I browsed the magazine racks for current issues and wandered over to the "nouveaux" shelves for new releases. It was by my second look that I saw The Shack. The moment I recognized the title, I grabbed it, remembering that I've been wanting to buy that since my friend told me about it. As usual, I never got around to it. I should really fight procrastination. It's my worst bad habit.

The Shack is about having faith and holding on to the unseen during the most difficult of times. The write-up on the cover said that it is this generation's Pilgrim's Progress, and knowing that that book is really one of the best analogies I have read and studied, I have a good feeling about this one!  :) 

I can't wait to start..

The dedication reads:

This story was written for my children:
Chad - the Gentle Deep
Nicholas - the Tender Explorer
Andrew - the Kindhearted Affection
Amy - the Joyful Knower
Alexandre (Lexi) - the Shining Power
Matthew - the Becoming Wonder

And dedicated first
to Kim, my Beloved, thank you for saving my life,

and second, to:
"...all us stumblers who believe Love rules.
Stand up and let it shine."


♥ fashion chalet said...

I've only just started watching Season 2 of Lipstick Jungle (episode 1) but I love Victory the best!! I also like Nico....

Thanks for your comment in my blog, I also cannot believe Natalia is a Mother already (we're the same age.. .woah!) She is so accomplished! ♥

xo/ fashion chalet

Sunniva said...

The dedication in itself is so wonderful! I definitely have to check out this book too. Thank you so much for telling about it, dear xox

yiqin; said...

I love hanging out at libraries & bookstores too! Ahhh I LOVE LIPSTICK JUNGLE! Victory's my fave. I wish she'llget back wit joe. They were so cute togeter!