Friday, October 24, 2008

Narciso Rodriguez and the Floral Dress

This was an editorial I assisted in a few months ago; and it came out in the September issue of Preview. It's a lineup of some pieces from the Fall 08/09 Collections of D&G and Etro, and from the 10th Anniversary Collection of Narciso Rodriguez -all from a new department store in Manila named Adora. The editorial was an exclusive spread for said store's merchandise, so it was particularly easy to pullout in the sense that I didn't have to run around Makati getting pieces here and there. For footwear I got Marni, Jil Sander, Pedro Garcia, and two other brands carried by the store: Stella Luna and LYN. I also borrowed some Givenchy belts which I never got to use for this shoot and one of which had miraculously incurred a "damage" (a teeny bit of scratch almost unnoticeable to the naked eye) when my assistant returned them after the shoot. Gah. What misfortune, especially since we never even got it out of the bag! Moving on..

A certain floral zip-up dress  posted by Stompface reminded me of one of the Narciso Rodriguez dresses we used for this shoot. It was particularly the structure and silhouette blocks that held some sort of resemblance for me. I promised to show the lovely Stompface the dress, and so here it is (Photo 3).

Styled and Art directed by: Vince Uy
Stylist's Assistant: Myself
Photographed by: Jeanne Young
Makeup by: Paolo Maranan
Hair (and scans) by: John Valle


Stompface said...

Oh yayy you found it.
Love this editorial it is wild! Just the movement of it all, and the structure, it's all very strong.
Good job on assisting, you are a superstar!

You were right, I see the resemblance. I think I would like that one too. But I have a feeling I can't afford it!

Also thanks for your super sweet comment you left about my drawing, and what not. You are lovely!

Dane said...

Oh I really love this editorial, Vince Uy is a genius! Well done for assisting, I love the very bold hair against the structured dresses.

ashley said...

I love this editorial! The hair is genius, and you did a great job contributing to the styling of it. Overall, I love the purple/yellow tone of the photos, they turned out great!

yiqin; said...

Ohmy. Awesome. The hair is FIERCE!

Bella said...

Incredible images! The lines and mix of hues is simply amazing!! And let's be honest... the shoes are pretty fantastic as well!


fab editorial,strong photography and strong styling. kudos to you hon. yummy blog

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Oh I loved this editorial too!!! You did a great job Rachel... Vince Uy is really REALLY talented!!!

Speaking of this Preview edition... I loved your article on getting style tips from TV shows!!! Aaack I went wild!!! Loved it so much... bravo!!! **Claps**

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your "comeback"! heehee