Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jean Paul Gaultier + Martin Bautista

I've been looking through Paris Fashion Week and was pretty amused with Jean Paul Gaultier's collection. described his outfits to have a look of warm-up clothes, with its references to leotards, its fabric (jersey), and its manner of styling.

Having said that a number of pieces were made with jersey fabric, a certain name comes to mind: Martin Bautista. A Filipino designer who, with incredible and distinct flair with jersey, creates dresses that cling to the right places and fall beautifully on the silhouette. He manipulates jersey in such a way that the material looks and feels light, giving his dresses a flowy characteristic often found in lighter fabrics.

Now look at some pieces from Gaultier's Spring 2009 collection and Martin Bautista's Fall 2008 collection:

Hmm. Strong resemblance, no? We can't really claim Gaultier copied; especially there's a chance he has never heard of the Philippine islands, how much more of the burgeoning fashion talents there. A much reasonable conclusion then, might be that Martin Bautista is ready for global recognition. His creative mind, after all (in this case), was one season ahead of a prominent French designer.

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Martin said...

Rache! Aaww thats so sweet of you. I feel overwhelmed! I love jersey! :P My friend Stacy also thought about this, the Gaultier collection reminded her of my works :) We miss you here sweetie!