Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend at Vermont

I had a fabulous weekend on the other side of the border. It wasn't that far, so the drive wasn't very uncomfortable at all. First stop was at Essex, a small outlet strip where I got great great prices on some designer items! My dad's birthday is coming up, and as the self-appointed stylist of the family, I decided to buy him a whole new outfit. I am very happy with it too. I've started introducing my dad to more vibrant colors and I am quite certain I can get him to wear this preppy purple top I got at Ralph Lauren. I've already restructured my Mom's wardrobe through my great persuasive prowess of getting her to shop more (with me, of course) and discard more old pieces. Now she is the talk of her medical circle where come of her colleagues have started calling her Doctora Glamorosa (much to my amusement). Now I am very proud to say that she has developed a sartorial eye for more modern, yet still classic pieces. My work there is done, stepping over now to my Dad's wardrobe. I've gotten him started on Zara and now I believe Ralph Lauren will be a good match. I'm sure he will love my gift!

Next we headed downtown to Burlington, to the Town Center at Church Street where all the shops are located. I shopped my giddy little heart out at Urban Outfitters and also got a few key pieces from AA and some other stores. Now I am almost broke again, so I retreat back to the quiet life with my books, magazines, and laptop.

The market in this town square reminded me so much of Stars Hollow's small town charm.
(Stars Hollow is a fictional town from my all-time favorite TV series, Gilmore Girls.)

Dress and rose ring, H&M. Tights and Woven flats, Urban Outfitters. Belt, Topshop. Bag, Aranaz. Shades, gift from my ex-boss.

Urban Outfitters
My favorite one-stop shop. From fashion and beauty items, to interiors and novelty books.

We stayed at a lovely ski resort, Smugglers' Notch which reminded us of the log cabins in Woodlands, Tagaytay (Philippines). It was a very nice cabin with 3 rooms and country furnishings. My mom would have loved it. She plans on having her own rest house outside the city decorated wall to wall with country interiors. Autumn colors are so pretty and very postcard-like. Here's the view outside my window:

All trees! haha.
Beautiful colors on the mountain.

Long sleeved top, H&M. Multi-way poncho, Memo. Jodhpurs, Zara. Bangles, Get Happy. Gladiators, Soulier.

All set and ready to leave.
Overnight bag, Aranaz

We passed by the university mall and then made it back to Church Street for some last-minute shopping. I loved it! Everything was significantly cheaper, especially with minimal or no tax.

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*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Oh Rachel.. you have those drop crotch jodhpurs which I tried-on and took-off then tried-on for forever in Zara! They only had it in Medium and Large and I was trying to figure out how to tie it around without leaving my butt-crack (or colorful undies --aaack!)to do peek-a-boos! And then I thought of having some velcro sewn..or some buttons... and then I gave up!

My my they look so pretty on you!! At least someone did it justice!!!

I love your dress too!! Your outfit, yet again, was very well put together!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Oh wait... I spied a super cute overnight bag!!! (squeals) It's so CHIC!!!!

nv said...

i love the striped dress, its so cute. I was wondering if the poncho-style sweater you're wearing was from the philippines since while I was there this past summer I couldn't help but enter the store everytime i was at the mall because of their gorgeous, structured pieces. I love that store

Stompface said...

Oh I am glad you appreciate my wild imagination, and I do that thing to, with the drifting off and saying inappropriate things. I do this thing, that drives my boyfriend crazy, where we will be talking, and I will continue a conversation, out of nowhere that we might have been having a year ago. haha it is normal. I'm sure you understand though.

Wow, I think it is the coolest thing in the world you buying your dad a stylish outfit! My dad would never wear anything I gave him like that I don't think.

also am extremely jealous of your shopping.
I wish we had urban outfitters in australia!

ohhh and sweet jodphurs.

oooh and overnight bag

haha oh dear I am rambling on alot now.

saray said...

great outfits :)

Dane said...

I am in love with your dress! Vermont looks beautiful, looks like you had fun. Oh and UO is the best, I miss shopping there.. hope you found lots of goodies.

$ouLphate said...

ahh i wish i had urban outfitters here.. i think i'm missing out on a lot of great clothes!