Friday, October 3, 2008


I feel blah tonight. Who knows why; these things have the habit of sneaking up on you and suddenly it's just there, no warnings, no explanations. It usually happens at night, so the bright side is I'm sure I'll be bright and bubbly again tomorrow morning, err, I mean around noon. I never wake up at mornings anymore. No classes so I have the whole day free to do whatever, yay :) Today was hella cold though, so I'm not sure I want to be heading out there again just yet.

I was on the metro on my way to class today when this lady starts to walk in just as the doors were closing. Her one hand and one foot made it in so she tried to pry the doors open; this went on for about 6 seconds and.. nothing doing. So she just sort of stands there with her foot and arm budged in, not quite so ready to give up just yet. While this was happening, I was blankly looking while two things were swimming in my head: 1) should someone help her? should
I help her? 2) the picture of that sign wherein a person holding the doors open while trying to get in (like what you do with elevator doors) is inside this red circle with a slash. So I think, "hmm, she really shouldn't be doing that." Finally she defeatedly pulled out her arm and leg, and after a few seconds the train starts to move. As it goes along, the wheels of my mind go along as well and starts picturing a what-if situation. I had an image of that woman with half her body caught between the doors while the train suddenly starts to move and she's struggling to get out, but she can't; and her body just drags along until the tunnel comes into view and as she slams onto the wall, we (passengers inside the train) feel the impact of her body dislocating. I must have had a horrified slash nauseated look on my face 'cause I notice this girl across me was looking at me weird. It was at that point I gradually went into poker-face mode. Oh wow, my imagination really flies sometimes. I swear, I have one of the weirdest, dorkiest minds. Not dark, just weird.

So anyway. Today,

Mirror, mirror..
Hairband, Landmark. Coat, Topshop. Knit dress; Boots, both Zara. Textured tights, I'm trying to remember. Ring, H&M. Fingerless gloves, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

As you can see, I got sort of trigger-happy with my camera when I got home.

That happens sometimes a lot.

Bonne nuit!


Anonymous said...

That coat is perfect(:

Bella said...

The entire outfit look fabulous!


ok, i loveeee ur black gloves with the big red rose ring adorable!!