Friday, October 3, 2008

Preview and Style Bible

I just got off the line with a good friend today and I found out that StyleBible's launch party finally pushed through. I used to work for a local fashion magazine, Preview, and Style Bible has been on the works to be its online counterpart (like Vogue = It's finally up and running, and the party that got postponed a few weeks ago was at full blast last night (Philippine time). I'm sure I missed a chic party, and I missed the fabulous people even more. Agh. Anyway. Someone has been very diligent posting pics right after the party and I was only too happy to view her album and snatch up a couple of pics of my gorgeous friends back home.

The lovely colleague and friend, Alyanna

Estee Lauder's Mayone Bakunawa with Designer Dax Bayani

(Mayone is wearing a dress by Dax)

The last issue I did for Preview came out already. It's kind of a bittersweet feeling 'cause my work won't be on their pages for a while... On the other hand, I'm also excited to see how my TV workshop came out. I did this feature on TV fashion and did shows like Gossip Girl (of course), Mad Men, Lipstick Jungle, The Hills, and like 5 more shows. I'll wait for my copy to get here then I'll post pictures; I can't wait! I also wanted to do 90210, but then sources for pictures were kinda limited at the time (I did the page in early July) and we found the stuff they were wearing too similar to The Hills' styles. Of course we figured this out only from press release photos, and I know now that it's completely different! And I like their style too (right now, I'm luvin Silver's styling and Naomi's wardrobe the best.).

I saw Spring Awakening last summer in New York and the show was amazing. It was jawdroppingly, entrancingly, tearfully good. Like I seriously cried after -okay yes, because it was a tragedy but also 'cause it was just that good. Imagine my delight when they featured that play in 90210! Aack! Loved. It. Personally, my favorite scene and number in the broadway play was "The Bitch of Living," set inside a classroom. That was just absolute Rock and Roll. On 90210, I thought Shenae Grimes' version of "Mama Who Bore Me" was a really strong performance. I was glued to the screen watching the scene, jaw slightly open. :))

Speaking of 90210, I was so happy to see Nylon's TV issue. Especially after I did that fashion TV thing I just mentioned. Although the layout was really different, I thought it was somehow a connection of creative minds. (No? Okay.) They basically did interviews with a couple of the featured shows' cast and sprinkled TV shows trivia- past and present- all over the magazine. It was a good issue all in all. Loved the styling too. All three outfits they wore on the cover, I would wear. I should really go and get the October issue now. That and the US Weekly with Leighton Meester on the cover. Ohgosh, I should really keep this to-buy list from piling up... by buying everything ASAP! Hah.

October - Creative It List issue
My page(s) made it on the cover. Yay!
Editorial pics when I get my hands on this issue.


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Susanna-Cole said...

Oh so you work in the fashion industry, if I'm understanding correctly? What exactly is your role/job? :)

In note of your entry below this, did your MacBook's charger survive? I hate when electronic type things don't work for me... it's like a pet peeve of mine! :D

And thanks so much for your comment, would love to see photos of that shoot you spoke of! :)


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Ohhh, I love Victory Ford too! ♥

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Thanks for your comments! You're so incredibly sweet! And oh, "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen (Ephesians 4:29)." that is a beautiful verse, I remember there was a childrens song based off that verse that me and my sister loved when we were little kids! :)

And thanks for explaining your job (or previous job) to me, sounds like it was a great job indeed! But it would be awesome if you moved to NY to take classes, NYC is the best city in the world (but then again, I could be a little biased hehe :P) Oh and your studies, are you studying fashion, I guess, or something else? :)

(Sorry I ask a lot of questions sometimes, hope it's not annoying ;))

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