Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rue LaLonde

I hate missing the train. Especially if I missed it by two seconds. And even more when the door closes and I am just about 8 steps away. Ugh. "Don't cry over spilt milk" was my mantra walking to the Metro. Anyway, so I was late for my first class today. It was held at this events-production house Usine C, down in Rue Lalonde. I was happy though that I got to use a little teeny bit of my french this afternoon. Not everyone in Montreal can speak or is comfortable speaking Anglais, so my Level-2 french comes in really handy sometimes. (My favorite sentence: Je ne parle pas bien le français.) Thank you to the Metro lady who gave me très bonnes directions to my destination. 

Rue de la Visitation

Don't be fooled by the exterior. The inside of this building (left) is a chic artsy space + rooms and a cafe where they hold productions, events, and the like.

Cardi and striped bodycon top, H&M. Pants, Topshop. Fingerless gloves, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Ring, Rustans. Flats, Urban Outfitters.

Alors, heure de dormir.


♥ fashion chalet said...

I adore your sailor pants! :)

Thanks for the comment, isn't that song the best?? It's one of my favorites!

xo/ fashion chalet

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Wow we have the same jeans! I got mine from Topshop too but I think it's buttons were plastic blue with embossed anchors.

Rustans? Are you from Manila?

Miss V. said...

oooh do you live in montreal? I have a friend who's going to uni there, she says it's amazing!

I love the pants! Very cool and nautical.

Lisa said...

thanks for the comment love!

LOVING those pants. they are perfect...especially since i am heading into summer.


Toni Alexis said...

Love this Look!