Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Harajuku Luvin'!

I heard the doorbell ring on my way down to the kitchen this morning, and guess what I found on my doorstep!

See, a couple of weeks ago, a representative from Matchstick messaged me and asked if I would be interested in getting a sample of a new fragrance and give her feedback on it. After looking up the company, I said sure! I answered a very quick survey and a day later the company called me back to get my contact details and my scent preference. I happily told her I prefered light fruity tones and she said she'd send my package right away And now it's here. whee! Btw, the perfume in question is Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Collection.

So I excitedly grab my box and open it to find this:

Gah! It's so cute! I already luv Gwen Stefani and everything she designs/ sings/ wears to start with. This collection is just too cool; I am so attracted to its quirky eclectic charm. They even sent me a cosmetics pouch! Here are the contents:

So the thing is, Matchstick is a word-of-mouth marketing company and what I have to do for them is tell people about this line. To do this, they also sent me samples of the collection to share to my friends. [ If you are anywhere in the Montreal area and you want one, message me. ;p ]

Overall my lovely package included a ton of 10ml samples, 15ml bottled samples for myself to keep, a Harajuku Lovers bag, a Harajuku Lovers cosmetics pouch, , a Lil Angel sample bottle with the Harajuku-doll cap, and a charm bracelet. Awesome! I luv luv luuuv it!

So this week I start trying out the scents. One scent a week, I'm thinking. I'm gonna start out with my first choice: Lil Angel. More about this after my scent trial period! :) [I might bring that down to one scent for 2-3 days. A week is loong time.]

Okay I need a favor from you guys, Matchstick asked me to repost this and get your response. I would personally be grateful if you would please please take the time for this survey. It won't hurt, I promise! Thanks in advance! :)
** If you're in Canada, you might even consider joining the program and getting this fabulous loot for the minimum price of talking about it. ;) Hurry, they're only getting a number of girls to try it! **

Did you read this article? What are your thoughts on HARAJUKU LOVERS FRAGRANCE?
Click on the link below to let us know!

Big shoutouts to Cynthia and Megan of Matchstick! Thank you, thank you for asking me to be part of this program :)

Look at that doll, she's adorable! Lil Angel looks yummy! *

**After trying out the fragrances, I'd have to say I'm super happy with my choice (Lil' Angel)! It so yummy and the scent stays the whole day. Music is also a nice fruity scent which I alternate with that. :) 

n.1. style and attitude of Japanese girls in Harajuku, Tokyo.
n.2. anything goes, outrageous, layered, and eye-catching


*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

OMG! Manila?? That's soo cool! I have a ball each time I stumble across another one...it's just one of those shallow things that make me happy!

I love Harajuku Lovers! I actually had headaches 1 month back in the US as I contemplated wether to get their cute bags and kikay-kits or opt for another Coach purse...aaargh now I feel so bad I chose Coach.

Those pictures just made my mouth water!! Totally C-U-T-E!!! Goodluck with the "product review"!!

MWah.fashion said...

thats so so cutee. harajuku girls are really inspirational, and the brand is adorable! i'm really jealouss. im not in the montreal area, but if you ever have extras, i call it! haha

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh I think the Harajuku girls line is really cute, I especially love the little perfume bottles that are modeled after Gwen and teh Harajuku girls!

Thanks for your comment, "God appoints people for a reason, and I guess I wish people had enough faith to do their part and leave the rest to Him." I agree, well said! :)


P.S. Thanks for linking me on your blog, I added your blog to my blog roll as well! :)

yiqin; said...

OMG I am so jealous! I will love to get a HUGE package containing so many adorable stuffs!

the Oracle of Style said...

I really like your accessories! That is cute for me:)

Dane said...

Rache, how cute is the package?! You are so lucky! I still cant believe we have both stumbled onto eachother's online selves. Youre still looking as fabulous as ever, no joke. Im totally gonna become a loyal reader, I already know it. =)