Sunday, October 19, 2008

If the Driving Gloves fit..

Last night was the first time in two months that I got back behind the wheel. I haven't driven since I left Manila, which was fine (seeing as how driving usually gets me in a really foul mood. crazy city drivers). The thing about driving in Manila is that it's free for all. The roads, I mean. Rules, along with obscene language and hand signals, go right out the window. I love the freedom in driving there, where I can go at any pace I want, cut in the lanes of slowpoke drivers (pet peeve!), and blast my horns on crazy pedestrians crossing the highway (yes, the highway). Well, that part I don't like. In fact, I hate almost all drivers, definitely hate all forms of public transportation (ironic how that's all I take to get around here. but then again, "here" isn't Manila), and especially hate those annoying people popping out of nowhere and onto your road. Excuse me, but those overpass bridges are there for a reason. And I really believe that jeepneys should be banned in the city. I don't care how some people say it's "culture," I say that's backwards thinking! The government could just develop the MRT more and leave those jeeps in provinces. They should also create a system for buses which will disallow them from stopping whenever, wherever they want. They should all be made to follow routes. And there should be a quota of number of buses out on the streets at a given time! Okay.. stopping. rants. Now.

One thing I love about it is that I can drive without checking the sides of the road for street signs/ rules, without having to worry about speed limit, without the hesitation of overtaking, and with the knowledge that I can talk my way out of a ticket if one of those corrupt traffic enforcers try to get a bribe out of me. No way, I'd rather get the ticket (not that I've ever gotten any). In other words, I find driving there extremely comfortable.. in the sense that I don't have to worry too much about rules. I have a mastered a few tricks too. The Philippines' best university has taught and instilled in me two important things: philosophizing and multitasking. As an expert multi-tasker, I can do a couple things alongside driving: putting on makeup, texting (now only when I'm at a stoplight, promise!), talking, singing, other mindless tasks, and some things I'd rather not divulge for fear of getting extremely scolded by you, dear reader (I think my parents are reading this). I sound like a bad, careless driver but I'm really not. I may be a bit on the aggressive side, but I'm very careful. Besides, being a pushover on the streets of Manila will get you nowhere. Well, it will but you'll get there one hour late.

I knew my driving skills absolutely may not be employed here and I was a little freaked on the impromptu decision to take the car. Not only are they super strict with traffic rules, but they get really mad when you cut in their lane! agh. So, I was very careful and very slow (50kph!) and whew. I did fine! I have grown quite accustomed to polite driving, I must say. It also helped that it was nighttime and people couldn't see me inside the car as well as they would've in bright sunny daylight -that would just really add to the pressure and fry my nerves. So I had a fab night out with the girlies and my semi-new boots and gloves enjoyed their night on the town too.

I went to Buona Notte on Saint-Laurent. I am a bit sad about the hiked-up parking fee, but I guess it would've cost me more to take a cab. Which, also, I am a bit iffy about. I have never ridden a cab by myself in Manila and although I know it should probably be much safer here, there is something about taking public transportation alone at 3am that makes me uneasy. So $20 parking it is.
I was accompanied by these lovely ladies and some guy friends of theirs.
I overexposed our faces on purpose, just 'cause I'm not sure how they would take to me posting their picture on my blog ;)

Jacket, Kate Moss for Topshop. Bodycon dress, H&M. Latex leggings, American Apparel. Pink socks, Mango. Ring, BCBG MaxAzria. Leather two-toned gloves, H&M.

Great night for driving. ;)


Stompface said...

Oh my, I am a world of jealous of those leggings on you.
Looks perfect with that stripey dress.

Oh and you absolutely must show me the pics of that Narciso Rodriguez dress!

Thea said...

I WANT THOSE LEGGINS!!! I've been looking for that kind everywhere!

DaisyChain said...

Oh how I lust after those leggings. Devine.

S said...

You rock those leggings SO well.

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...


You totally gave them justice!! I've been searching all over town for those.. I probably should give up SOON... *sigh* BUT THEY LOOK SUPER CUTE ON YOU!!!!

And....I love the aqua boots too!!! I love everything about your outfit... but those 2 I mentioned are simply LOVE!

yiqin; said...

You have the best shoes!!! I am really bad in direction. I dont think I can ever drive :/

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

By the way, you are so brave to drive all over Manila! I used to drive from my former home to Promenade and Rockwell(Dad's place is a few minutes away from both places), and when I started driving in the US after college... I never had the courage to drive once I got back here! Those jeepneys and buses are CRAZY!!! I sometimes have the urge to bring little squirt guns and squirt water at them out of sheer anger!!!

heehee.. sorry for the ranting!

natalie. said...

Those blue/teal shoes? Love them.

Dane said...

Hahaha, I know how you feel about the jeepney drivers. I dont mind them, I just think there have to be more rules about where they can stop, like maybe a jeepney stop at every other corner? And buses just scare the crap out of me. Well so this is why I dont drive.

Oh and wearing shoes doesnt really excite me so much anymore, it used to back in my manila days when I was out every night, but now my toes just get mad at me when I force them to be in closed shoes all night. But the ones I wore in my last post were reallly comfy. But the perfect footwear for me is just going barefoot, so so free.