Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Warm Fuzzy Feeling of Job Satisfaction

I realize I've been neglecting my blog the past few days. Partly because of mixed emotions and partly because I'm devoting most of my time touring my Dad around. :) I've been feeling a bit wistful lately, I kind of miss my job. I know I should really make most of my time and use it to my full advantage, and I am. I'm savoring the downtime of attending school too, as opposed to the busy hazy days of work. I guess maybe moving on just inevitably evokes that sense of wistfulness, a feeling familiarly present in every cycle of change. I was chatting with one of my editors and she told me they got a new girl already. Although I was a bit sentimental, I'm really happy for the new girl and she really deserves the post too! She's a great stylist and an person with amazingly distinct style. We're good "society acquaintances" (I only get to hang with her during events) and I'm glad she filled the open spot. :)

(click to enlarge)

I got my October issue when my dad arrived and last night I was browsing through it while waiting for my train. In the Editor's Letter page was the best thing that happened to me that day, it really lifted my spirits. A rave on my Fashion Workshop feature last August on major local department stores! I didn't see it right away; I just noticed the familiar layout of my page on a photo alongside a letter and I scanned through the paragraph as my heart started beating just that bit faster. My lips slowly broke into a wide smile and I started feeling giddy as I realized I was reading the first published rave on my work. Goodness, there is no better feeling! I felt so blessed that someone actually took the time to write the magazine just to say that she liked the feature. Incredible how one comment, a single sentence, can have such an impact on me. Charlotte Chiw, whoever and wherever you are, you are an angel and you made my entire week! Thank you :)

sorry, I'm too lazy to scan the pages. I'm hoping these photos I took with my camera will suffice.

On other pages of Preview, the Louis Vuitton editorial. I just thought I'd share it 'cause I have pictures in those shoes and that crazy sculptural hat. After giggly coercions from Alyanna, Mariane and I tried on the sky high platforms and other LV press samples while she took our photos. Ahh, happy days at the office.

and in the office pullout room/ closet...

platform pumps and boots
Fall 08's "It" hat?
my hooker-chic boots
Mars and I hamming it up ;)
Alyanna's hand, LV bangles, and desktop
The most extravagant plastic bangles
Me rolling my chair over to Alyanna's cubicle ;p
I miss my office!
(and Alyanna even more)


Stompface said...

oh gosh look at those boots!

they are wild.

S of Modern-Guilt said...

great photos! and I love your boots, you look fabulous.

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh my goodness, I love the editorial from Preview magazine! Simply gorgeous!

And wow I am so impressed you can actually walk in those boots, I think I'd fall over! ;)


*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

I have that issue! I was wondering if those boots were actually "walkable" -- if there is such a word??? heehee.. but you look so cute wearing them! I love your outfit!! It must have been fun to work in a publication... it has and will only remain a dream to me...